Five spicy elements of Google + Project. #Socialmedia #Google [Post]

After +1 now it’s Google + Project turns to prove Google against social giants. Google now coming with a new project currently with demo version. You can join the project by registering your Email ID & Name. Google will send you notification when it will available for all.

You must be wondering, what’s the purpose of this project and why is lots of buzz about it. This project will help you to become more social by its five elements. You can share & manage your sharing in your friend circle more like a real life fun so its more +You than Google + 😀

Google 1

It has five spicy elements to catch your attention and makes you more social addicts. 😀

  1. Circles

This will help you to categorize your posts or sharing among different groups. Do you want to share your secret birthday party images and don’t want to share with your parents :-D, than these elements for you. With Circles you can put your family in one group, your friends in another. Its give you more privacy for your posts.


2.  Hangouts

So you want to do face to face instant chat with your friends, Hangout is the solution. Your entire circle will know  with whom you hanging-out or doing video chat.  It’s more like a video conference with your friends, where any number of your friends can join and talk to each other like real time.


3.  Instant Uploads

Instantly upload your pics through your phone to Google + profiles. You just need to click photos they will automatically upload in your private album. Hmm, it will give you hassle free uploadation.

Instant Uploads

4.   Sparks

It’s a regular feature much like Google alert. You can choose your favorite topics and than sparks sent you stuff related to your likes. E.g. if you like Art than sparks sent you topics, images, content sites related to arts.


5.   Huddle

What huddle do, well it’s simply allow you to do group chat. You can add peoples in your chat who’s interested to similar topics.


At Last:  Definitely some of these features are new and people gonna love it, but i really don’t found anything interesting apart from Hangout . Its shows Google trying to give everything at one place that maybe makes it more complicated.


About Lovely Gautam
I'm a Digital marketing consultant with 7+ years of experience working with organizations across the globe. 'I strive to help entrepreneurs to market their business effectively."

6 Responses to Five spicy elements of Google + Project. #Socialmedia #Google [Post]

  1. Raj says:

    Nice Post…..

  2. Google in certainly giving bumps to Facebook .. many of it’s user are already turning to +G …
    let’s see what what happens … i guess only time will tell .. that who will win the ultimate race..

    nice post .. Gautam

  3. @Gaurav Google+ gets 18million users till date and its pretty good number. It also becomes fastest growing social channel but still destination is far away. 🙂

  4. vinayrana says:

    Hi Lovely, Love this post. Thanks for sharing wits us.

  5. Thanks Vinay !! 🙂

  6. Is Sparks still available i haven’t seen it in a while?

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